Treating tumors at the base of the skull (cranial base) or between the brain and the face and neck (cranio-cervical junction) can be extremely complex. The surrounding areas include a concentration of vital nerves, the spinal cord and major arteries. Symptoms can affect vision, hearing, sense of smell, speech, swallowing, movement and mental faculties.

World Skull Base is a network of Fellowship trained Skull Base Surgeons brought together by the common goal of providing the best possible care and treatment to their patients with skull base disorders. World Skull Base brings together a multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons, ENT surgeons, Head & Neck surgeons, Maxillofacial surgeons, Radiotherapists, Chemotherapists, Speech & Language Pathologists and other support staff who provide innovative, individually tailored treatments for all types of tumors and other cranial nerve disorders. Our team of physicians meets twice monthly via Skype to discuss treatment approaches for new patients as well as review complex cases. Whatever the combination of specialists identified—neurosurgeons, radiation therapists, otolaryngologists, radiation and medical oncologists, head and neck surgeons—each patient receives coordinated care to treat for their unique diagnosis.

The experts of World Skull Base are available for consultations at specified time schedules at their respective centers. Alternatively, the patient can fix an appointment via Skype with the nearest doctor in this network. Following this, the patient will then be referred to the nearest hospital affiliated to World Skull Base for treatment. The treatment will be carried out by the physicians involved in the World Skull Base network. The World Skull Base team will ensure the best standard of care and infrastructure in all their affiliated hospitals. All cases that are referred to the World Skull Base platform will be discussed in a multidisciplinary board meeting involving medical and surgical experts from all specialities thereby ensuring that the best and up-to-date treatment option is made available to all the patients.